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Skilled & Qualified Security Professionals

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    VIP Protection
    Whether you're the owner of a large company, or simply transporting valuable materials from one place to another, security must always be a consideration. Criminals who are concerned with only the payoff may be ready to confront and rob at any moment. Entertainers and celebrities know all too well the dangers of fans that go over the edge. Personal safety can be assured by proper executive protection or personal security.
    Closed Circuit Television Monitoring
    Closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. A diverse range of customers that includes local authorities and private sector operations have benefited from our CCTV Monitoring. We have been highly successful in reducing as well as detecting crime, malpractice, and theft through effective video security monitoring, and introduction of a dedicated Risk Management department.
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    Body Guards
    Noble Security has extensive experience in personal body guard services. Contact us today to see what types of personal body guard services we offer.
    Alarm Response
    With our GPS vehicles, we are able to provide a quick and efficient Alarm Response service. One of our many patrol supervisors will immediately respond to a call, day or night, to assess the situation. Due to constant communication between our Command Center and patrol supervisors, the most accurate and current information regarding the alarm is documented and provided to our clients.
    Vehicle Patrol Service
    Security Vehicle Patrols were originally utilized for small apartment complexes, shopping malls, etc. "Professionalism, Ethics and Honesty!" is an adopted motto chosen by our Patrol Division. Our marked vehicle patrol service serves as an effective deterrent to those who may trespass or vandalize your property or business.
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    Unarmed Officers
    Their duties can include checking doors, conducting lock-ups, and setting alarms. Our unarmed security officers are equipped with the following only: Flashlight and holder, radio or phone and holder, and handcuffs with case. Our officers will be in constant communication with our 24/7 command center. As per our clients' requests, a nightly report will always be provided.
    Asset protection
    Everyday more than 40,000 new lawsuits are filed in America by an eloquence of over 1 million lawyers, one for every 300 Americans. You do not need to be a victim of one of them. You can protect your assets with the nation's leading Asset Protection service of Noble Security now. Legal, affordable and simple, we help more clients and protect more assets than anyone in the country.
    For years, Noble Security has brought legitimacy to a practice inundated with gimmicks and flimsy solutions. We help you establish an effective asset protection strategy without any complications or extra work on your part. Our solutions are so streamlined that typically they only require one call from you ! To find out more call us today, or e mail against special report on Asset Protection right away.